Combining advanced


and people

What Gremako products are used for

to keep things turning smoothly

Every day we use objects that rely on parts that we can't see to give them the stability and mobility we expect of the item as a whole.


Many shelves are held together by small metal pins made by Gremako, our pins ensure that door locks turn smoothly every time and our products enable adjustable lighting to be set to the desired position and stay there.


From the DIY hand drill to industrial machinery, from the washing machine to the construction crane, from the ski binding to the car gear stick ‒ Gremako pins make connections.

Gremako stands for robust and reliable connections that extend well beyond our products:


our dowel and taper pins are essential for producing a complete and functioning precision product from numerous individual parts.


The way we think and act brings together the people responsible for the success of the company:


our employees, customers and business partners.