Creating great connections

for the future.

Our understanding of

tangible service

s = (D+Q)*L

Our understanding of tangible service we have developed our own formula to represent the unique level of service we provide. To ensure perfect service, we add (D)esign to (Q)uality and multiply the whole thing by our guaranteed ability to deliver. GREMAKO GmbH & Co. KG is
certified according to IATF 16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001.

Design & Quality

We're the only company in our industry sector to depend on 100% quality MADE IN GERMANY. MADE BY GREMAKO ‒ 100% MADE IN GERMANY.

Highest quality standards and product availability are what set us apart.

600 customers around the world place their trust in us and our products ‒ and for good reason.


We have the largest store of dowel and taper pins in the world. Thanks to our intelligent stock management system, you too can benefit from our high product availability.

there's run of the mill and then there's us.