Material conversions for more sustainability

GREMAKO processes materials with low lead alloy content. These materials are SVHC substances (Substances of Very High Concern) in the sense of the REACH regulation and are therefore to be assessed as harmful to the environment and health.


On the other hand, the conformity of these materials with the RoHS directive will probably expire in the long term. (see also our Declaration of Conformity at


GREMAKO is preparing for these changes at an early stage and will switch to alternative materials without lead.


In the first step, the following articles from the stock program, which are made of free-cutting steel 11SMnPb30, will be affected. Lead in the free-cutting steel serves to improve machinability and has no influence on the subsequent application.


• DIN 7979C
• DIN 7
• ISO 2338
• DIN 7977/ DIN 258


In the future, these articles will be made of 11SMn30. These articles will be managed with new article numbers in order to be able to distinguish articles with and without lead at any time. It will take some time until the warehouse is completely converted.


Custom-made products, which were previously manufactured from 11SMnPb30, will also be converted to the lead-free variant and, if necessary, re-sampled, subject to the customer's consent.


We are very pleased to be able to make our production more sustainable with this step.

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